Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials:

“These daily explosive outbursts had become a near-daily nightmare, which was making me feel increasingly depressed, overwhelmed, and frankly scared. After just three sessions, my son had almost completely stopped hitting me. By the fourth session, he was not hitting at all.”

"Dr. Judy is truly in a league of her own when it comes to parent coaching. COVID has been exceedingly difficult for our kids, and also for us, as parents.  I cannot recommend Judy more highly because her parent coaching techniques actually work."

~Jennifer, - single parent

“My wife and I sought parenting help when we got married recently as I have two daughters from my previous marriage and we were having some struggles with our new family finding it’s stride. Three meetings with Judy were all it took for both of us to feel confident and secure with how we are parenting. From our conversations (they were too comfortable for me to think of them as “sessions”) Judy got to know us as a family. She used our examples and some from her own life to illustrate techniques, phrases, and behaviors that we could employ to have our children work with us to be a better family. The complaining and negotiating are being replaced with smiles and cooperation. I am convinced that every parent could benefit from a conversation with this woman! I wish I had two more hands so I could give her four thumbs up!”

~Ishu V. Rao MD

Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Director, Electrophysiology Services
Community Memorial Hospital
Ventura, California

"Judy came into my life just in time; I was reading the books and talking to moms but when my little girl turned two I was struck with feelings of powerlessness and frustration. I found myself simply not enjoying my time with her, which was distressing.

Judy applied her extensive parenting skills into my consciousness and I had paradigm shift. What I mean by that is I realized my daughter was “doing her job” and it was “my job” to train her and apply these practices that simply work. The truth is, Judy needed to train ME so I can train my fresh new offspring for long-term results that have unquestionably worked.

Judy is not only incredibly knowledgeable but she is accessible, passionate and validating. I leave our sessions feeling motivated and almost excited for my toddler to “act out” so I can apply these tools.

The Love and Logic book has been a great guide but I have really learned by having one on one coaching sessions with Judy. She integrates her own experience and fills in the gaps that books just can’t provide.:

Thank you from the deepest part of my maternal spirit, Judy, you have helped me build confidence and restore trust on this parenting journey.

-Kimberly Moore

Austin, Texas  - Mother of spirited and fascinating Lillian Grace

"As a pastor to children and families, I have recommended Judy to many parents. She has been an invaluable resource for our church family and also to the foster/adoptive community of which we are affiliated. She has helped countless parents in a myriad of situations and we are so happy she is broadening her reach through consulting. Her experience is practical and uplifting for both parents and children."

~Tricia, Pastor

"I can't speak highly enough of Judy's parenting coaching. We are so grateful for her expertise and guidance. Getting to spend time with her, share our parenting challenges and get her suggestions specific to our situation was so valuable. We learned many parenting tools that we use daily with our children. I'd recommend that all parents meet with Judy- her wisdom and expertise has changed our family dynamic completely. We feel more equipped to handle tantrums, to motivate behavior, and to empathize with our children. Parenting is hard work but we felt so encouraged by Judy's guidance and practical suggestions for our family."

~Chelsea, Parent

"Judy has a calm and approachable way about her. She has a wealth of experience- she has been a coach to me for 13 years and through six children- birth, foster-reunified, and foster-adopted. In every scenario that I've asked her about, she has had an easy and helpful response. In my most challenging area of parenting a child with a background of early trauma, she helped me to have a paradigm shift in my approach to parenting that allowed me to improve my relationship with my child by changing my perspective. Judy is encouraging and empowering and committed. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend her as an excellent parenting coach."

~Jenna, MEd. - Parent

"Judy has helped me time and again to stay calm, kind and loving while laying down the rules and sometimes consequences.  I would not be half the mother without her help!  Thank you!"

~ Dr. Cory, - Parent

Being a mom of four, a step child, twin babies and a toddler, I felt overwhelmed. Judy helped teach me healthful parenting techniques that made my life feel so much more balance and manageable with the children. My kids and I have had a healthy loving relationship for years now and there is mutual respect between us. They have grown up to be loving responsible people. Judy’s wisdom with families and children is priceless!

~Heather, - Parent

"I have had the privilege of watching Judy work with parents & kids for over 20 years now. Whether as director of the children's ministry at church, doing trainings for foster/ adoptive parents at the camp we managed, or in Family Fuel Trainings, Judy has the unique ability to impart wisdom to Parents that is both relevant and applicable. Perhaps Judy's greatest asset, however, is her own parenting journey which has been both poignant and painful. Her guidance as others journey through their own set of challenges will no doubt be powerful."

~Michelle, Co-Worker

"Judy is a God send in our life!!! I came to her seeking guidance as a parent for my three children and took home with me tools that have completed transformed our relationship and family bond in ways I could never have dreamed possible!!! I'm forever grateful!!! Thank you Judy."

~Harmony, Parent

Talking to Judy Osterhage has been the most helpful parenting coaching I have ever had. She has knowledge, experience, empathy and intuition. I learned with her:

  • How to stay connected with my child and deepen the connection.
  • How to stay calmed while setting limits.
  • How to communicate with him in a way that models self care to him and helps him see it is his behavior what is not letting him get what he needs and to take responsibility for that.
  • Ways to help my child develop the skills he is needing instead of using praise or punishment.
  • How to go around chores, money, allowances…
  • How to do “family meetings” to solve family difficulties and “rehearse” what works in our family and within our family values system.
  • I understood the “why” behind his behavior, and how I can give him some things he is needing so that he doesn’t have to behave in aggressive or controlling ways.

I was able to address very particular problems and receive the answers I most needed.

If you want to help children develop the skills they need instead of conditioning them believe that staying connected with children is very important while disciplining him in a way that helps them develop the skills they need instead of conditioning them with fear, praise or punishment. Talking to Judy has been the most helpful parenting coaching I have ever had. She helped me see how I need and how I can model self care to my child, how to help him develop the skills he is needing now, she explained the “why” behind his behavior and how I can make sure that he receives what he needs at this age so that he doesn’t have to behave in aggressive or controlling ways.

I learned how to discipline in a way that entails helping my child acquire the necessary skills he needs to develop can stay connected and deepen my connection with my 6-year-old, but modeling to himself to care.

Thank you Judy! You are amazing. I am learning soooooo much!!!

~Ana Maria, Parent